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Academic Clinical Nurse Educator Program

Jun 10, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024

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Full course description

The academic clinical nurse educator role is multifaceted, and this course addresses the unique professional intersection of educator and clinician.  In addition to introducing the competencies necessary to excel in this critical role, this course provides preparation for NLN's CNEcl certification exam, making it a vital stepping stone in your professional journey.  

Each week you will learn about a different facet of the academic clinical nurse educator role: Teacher/Coach, Facilitator, Protector, Socialization Agent, Leader/Influencer, Role Model, and Evaluator.  You will engage in interactive learning activities, self-reflection, and real-life scenarios while connecting with fellow participants and receiving personalized guidance from experienced clinical faculty.

This course includes examples and activities designed for academic clinical nurse educators of pre-licensure nursing students, and also provides valuable training and insight for those who desire to improve their practice as preceptors of new graduate nurses, or preceptors of graduate level nursing students.

Upon completion of this program, a learner will be able to:

·      Apply evidence-based and theory-guided best practices in contemporary teaching, learning, and evaluation necessary to effectively prepare the next generation of nurses for practice.

·      Develop requisite knowledge and skills for future National League for Nursing Academic Clinical Nurse Educator (CNEcl) certification.

·      Earn 18 hours of CEU credit*